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Favourite Shoes For Women

What are your favourite shoes for this season? Some interesting answers from the women in our office! Stiletto shoes Stilettos easily came first.  Over half the women in the office had bought a pair of stiletto shoes in the last month, regardless of how many stilettos they already had in their wardrobe. Black was the

Why Women Love Shoes

Millions of men want to know the reason why women love shoes. And we are sure there are hardly any fashionistas today without a minimum of 10 pairs of shoes. Why do women need so many? The simple truth is because they love shoes. Here are ten reasons to support the truth! Reason 1 Women

Winter Shoes For Women

We are still in the dead of winter, the temperatures have plummeted, the snow is falling, and sandals have disappeared from our collective sense of fashion entirely, this season, the imperative is to wear warm footwear, suitable for walking through the sleet, sludge, and icy rain. But, which types of footwear are suitable for this

Flat Shoes for Women

Flat shoes usually conjure up an image of a boring, highly unpretentious pair of footwear. There are many women who have sworn off flat footwear for ever, claiming that it is not stylish or sophisticated. This, however, is not true. Flats can be fabulous too! And that is exactly what this article is all about

Women Oxfords Shoes

Oxfords are not really a new name in shoes industry in fact they are in the market for quite a decade now. Most oxford shoes for women are made of leather, close shoes and come in a stylish lace. The heels are made with a classic design, so classy and almost all women desire to

Shoes for Smart Women

Metro woman wants to look smart and dashing from tip to toe. Just like hi-style woman fashion clothing, innovative and designer styled shoes also form the part of fashion statement. These amazing and spectacular appealing fashion shoes make the real difference to a fashion conscious metro woman and futuristic girl. Seychelles shoes, Apepazza Shoes and

Women’s Shoes Rant

What is it with shoes and women? Why do they need so many? Being a male I just don’t understand. Is it just me or are other males out there that are as baffled as I am? Women have shoes for the house, they have shoes for shopping, they have shoes for going out. Woops

Wide Shoes For Women

Buy Women’s Shoes at Amazon.com Shopping for shoes is great fun and something I enjoy doing and am sure most women do. Especially now we have wide shoes for women. The problem though is some shoes look absolutely amazing, but you simply can not get them on your feet. In fact, you may get those