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ASOS collection – hair accessories

ASOS is considered as one of the UK’s largest online fashion and beauty stores mainly for 16 – 34-year-old men and women. ASOS’s headquarters are situated in Camden Town, North London. It is explained that ASOS stands for As Seen On Screen which shows its intention to supply the customers with outfits seen truly on

Jazz Up Outfits With Hair Accessories

Hair accessories embellish women of all ages. There are numerous options to transform your little girl into a princess. A popular choice is hair bows. Hair bows come in every color and design imaginable – from traditional choices for everyday styles to korker bows for an exciting look. A hair bow is the perfect touch

The Art of Hair Accessories

Hair accessories and adornments is a very big part of the process of dressing up a gorgeous woman for any occasion from a wedding to an anniversary party or even a birthday to a ball. Women are generally known to grow longer lengths of their hair and decorate it beautifully in various ways for a

Bridal Jewellery and Hair Accessories

When most people and you may be one of them think of women’s wedding attire, and bridal ensembles, for some reason all too often bridal jewelry and hair accessories are left out of the picture. It seems that most folks just assume that things will just take care of themselves – flowers and such.  

Choosing the Perfect Hair Accessories

Women have always had a love affair with hair accessories. The earliest recorded appearance of hair accessories dates back to the early Greek and Roman times. Some anthropologists even believe that cave dwellers may have used sticks or thorns as crude hair clips!   One particular hair accessory, the hair bow, first became popular in

2010 Women Hair accessories For Xmas Hairstyles

Designers are responsible not only show the latest trends into garments, but also hair accessories. Gateways are the best source of inspiration about our looks, hairstyles and women hair accessories. The 2011 hair accessories emphasize femininity and so many designers have opted for flower accessories. Here we show you everything you need to keep abreast