Right Hand Bling Bands – The Ultimate New Device For The Savvy Solitary Lady

Right Hand Bling Rings – The Ultimate New Accessory For The Savvy Single Woman

When my very first marital relationship discolored right into oblivion, the interaction ring I would certainly used with such happiness and also love was eradicated to my jewelry situation.
Some years later, older and also much smarter, I resurrected the ring and had it re-set by a jeweler good friend to show my freshly found self-reliance and design. But back in those days, the view of those diamonds on my right hand was just an agonizing reminder of my failure in the marriage stakes.
Now it appears I led my time.
The right-hand bling ring is the current status icon for women that no longer feel they have anything to show.
Females are gaining much more, marrying later as well as have more disposable income than ever, leaving them with a lot of room for a little self-indulgence. And also it goes without claiming that the latest condition symbol need to incorporate the utmost status sign, rubies.
Actually, the trend has ended up being such a major pressure it’s been offered its own (albeit lackluster) terminology – “self-purchaser”.
According to Greg Distefano, a representative for the Ruby Info Center at J. Walter Thompson, “The self-purchase market is now a. 75 billion service in the USA. Rings are the single largest enter this market. They make up 2 out of every 5 items of self-purchased precious jewelry.”
Eager to obtain in on the activity, DeBeers, the world’s largest ruby producer, has created a collection of advertisements to use the hearts as well as purses of this massive, formerly neglected, customer market.
” Your left hand is your heart. Your right-hand man is your voice,” bellows their recent print ads. “Your left hand states ‘I do.’ Your right hand says ‘I did what?’ Your left hand recognizes the answers. Your right-hand man asks the concerns. Your left hand rocks the cradle, your right-hand man policies the world. Females of the world, raise your right-hand man.”
With a market of over 43 million single ladies in the United States, Ruta Fox, a previous advertising copywriter, developed the “Ah Ring” in December 2000. “Because I was solitary, I named it The Ah Ring, and decided “Ah” would certainly represent being A, offered and also H, satisfied. I believed given that married ladies have wedding event rings, as well as engaged women have engagement rings, solitary females ought to have a ruby ring they could buy and also call their own,” states Ruta.
The Ah Ring was an immediate success, producing over a million dollars in sales in the initial year, and was included in Oprah Winfrey’s “O” magazine.
Never a team to neglect the most recent fixation with self-indulgence, celebrities have actually followed suit and taken the trend for ruby accessorizing to an entire brand-new level. At this year’s Oscars 5,000 carat weights of rubies walked the red rug. Showcasing diamond knickknacks by jewelry layout luminaries like Fred Leighton and Harry Winston, single celebs Renee Zellweger, Cameron Diaz and Halle Berry shone brighter than the strobe lights.
So, what are the top-selling patterns in right-hand bling rings?
Mondera.com, a leading online jewelry expert, recommends tinted diamonds are a popular option, with pink, canary yellow, and also blue rubies the most significant sellers. The renewal of brownish rubies, re-named and now smartly marketed as cognac and also champagne diamonds additionally offer well.
Contemporary settings, such as the streamlined bezel-set as well as pavé, are popular with songs desiring to avoid the look of the timeless round solitaire diamond. As well as for those that desire the amazing elegance of Audrey Hepburn, Tiffany’s recently launched Lucida setup is the ultimate in bling ring beauty.
But for those lively singles that would have to do away with 3 months’ lease to pay for a diamond, there are lots of fabulous choices.
For all the bling without the sting, cubic zirconias are made with such accuracy these days that generally only a jewelry expert’s loupe can find the distinction. From the superb to the horrendous, the affordability of cubic zirconias means that you can have a different ring to match your clothing and your state of mind!
” Diamonds are a woman’s ideal friend” might well have become the recently revitalized concept for the contemporary 21st century woman, but if you still require a justification to go out and also obtain on your own some bling, I like to remind myself of the L’Oreal maxim – “Because I’m worth it!”
by Alex Miller