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In ancient times, gemstones have enjoyed huge popularity among the rich and famous For a long time considered to be valuable and beautiful gems only. In ancient times and Middle Ages, gems adorned the crowns and the crowns, bracelets, rings, brooches and pendants, belts and sling, the handle ceremonial swords and back the imperial throne. This could afford only the richest people of those times.

But to dress up and adorn themselves with various ornaments, wants every person. That’s when the artisans and find a way out of this situation. Started making jewelry out of copper and bronze, nickel silver, and then came the amalgam. Jewellery and accessories for women adorned with semiprecious stones, they were much more accessible layman simple.

Thus was born jewelry, over time it improved. All in the same medieval stones were replaced by stained glass, in the eighteenth century there were crystals, which are difficult to distinguish it from the gems and diamonds.

In addition to traditionalgarnitures (necklaces, pendants., Rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches), costume jewelry is considered and various hair accessories, a large number of belts, suspenders, carbines, handbags, etc.

Jewellery is conditionally divided into several classes The first focuses on the masses, this costume jewelry is usually made in Asia. Produce it from the plastic, cheap metal. Sometimes used in ordinary Plexiglas mimics metal and acrylic stones, imitation rhinestones. It is usually very cheap, but very impractical.

Ladies prefer the more impressive the more expensive jewelry. The difference in price could jump from several hundred to several thousand rubles. Made this costume jewelry in Italy, France and Spain. It has been used for semi-precious stones, minerals and high-quality metal coating.

There is also an elite costume jewelry. More often it produces to order, or produce small batches. It is made of more expensive metals and is produced by famous European fashion houses. The cost of these products can reach a completely different leaders.

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