It’s Madonna vs. Bullock in Jewelry Styles

It’s Madonna vs. Bullock in Precious jewelry Styles

When it concerns bling, it appears it’s Madonna vs. Sandra Bullock.

Even more than any kind of various other superstars around, they personify what professionals say are 2 of the significant fads in precious jewelry today: the Glam Goddess Look (Madonna), significant for the genuinely stunning Platinum lockets and also bracelets worn to highlight one of the most stylish evening dress; and the Denim Chic Look (Bullock), an extra easygoing style-think fashionable Platinum fashion jewelry with skinny jeans-that’s a lot easier for ladies not making million a motion picture to reproduce.

” Jewelry is an essential part of any set,” said jewelry and also design expert Michael O’Connor. “Celebrities love Platinum jewelry since its natural white luster boosts the luster of rubies.”

Madonna and also Bullock aren’t the only celebs that add radiance with Platinum. “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria might put on a straightforward black alcoholic drink outfit but add a set of statement Platinum and ruby jewelry by Peter Norman & Co. or a necklace by Fred Leighton.

A-listers who prefer denims know to layer on the bling with stiletto decrease jewelry, several necklaces and also cuff bracelets by Kwiat.

Platinum, recognized for being rare, hypoallergenic and enduring permanently, gives more bang for the dollar since its white gloss does not complete with shades as well as fabric textures. A basic set of Platinum hoops by Suna Bros. Inc. or cufflinks by Daniel K are excellent starters for non-celebs.