Favourite Shoes For Women

What are your favourite shoes for this season? Some interesting answers from the women in our office!

Stiletto shoes

Stilettos easily came first.  Over half the women in the office had bought a pair of stiletto shoes in the last month, regardless of how many stilettos they already had in their wardrobe. Black was the favourite colour especially black patent. Shoes have to be sexy.  Stiletto shoes elongate your legs making them look long and thin. They are the most feminine of all the shoes and they make you feel glamorous when you wear them.  They go with most outfits and give you extra height, which for the shorter ladies in the office was a major plus!  The stilettos had bought for different reasons but mainly because the all had an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes.  Everyone agreed that a pair of black patent stiletto shoes would go with practically everything in their wardrobe and felt they’d made a good purchase.

Fashion shoes

A couple of fashion divas in the office have bought the Gladiator sandals.  The women are long and slender and they both thought the shoes were a great fashion accessory but weren’t expecting them to be fashionable for too long.  Great to wear with A line skirts or three quarter jeans and trousers these shoes are going to get lots of wear throughout the summer.

Sandal shoes

Another half of our ladies have treated themselves to a pair of sandals to add to their shoe collection.  They’ve chosen funky looks and summery colours.  One of our juniors admitted they’re easy to slide on and off your feet underneath the desk.  A definite bonus when she needs to jump to attention when the boss walks in!  The sandal shoes remind our ladies of hot summer holidays and wearing these shoes put them in a good mood for the rest of the day.  They’re flat, comfortable and can be worn with all lengths of trousers and skirts.  A versatile addition to any wardrobe.