4 Accessories Every Plus Size Woman Should Have

Usually. plus size women think it is not necessary to think about accessories when trying to flatter their figure. In fact, this is not true. There are several accessories that plus size women should always have, providing that they use them correctly. In contrast, there are also many accessories plus size women should pass on by!

Four Accessories You Need:

An Appropriately Sized Handbag: Many women underestimate the power of an appropriately sized handbag. In fact, if you carry around a handbag that is too small, you can look as if you weigh 30 pounds more than you actually do! So, take the time to think about the handbags you choose from now on. When shopping for a handbag, be sure to remember scale is everything. You need to find a bag that’s in proportion to your size. Avoid tiny bags or totes, as they will only make you look larger. Be sure your bag of choice has ample straps which fit your arms properly. Don’t always go for the black or brown bag, as a handbag is the perfect way to let your wild colors show!

Elastic Belts: Belts are all the rage right now in fashion, giving plus size women a great opportunity to highlight the smallest part of their body (typically the waist area). However, regular belts may be too tight for you to tolerate. So, when you are in need of an accent belt, reach for an elastic type. You can pair them (under your bust area, somewhat high) with a white shirt, sweater, floppy dress or any other clothing you’d like to use to highlight your waist area. Of course, if, you’re pear-shaped you may want to forgo a belt in this area or forgo the belt altogether.

Plus Sized Leggings: Leggings are considered an accessory because they aren’t quite a substitution for pants. Plus sized women often use them as a substitute, which is the WRONG way to wear them! Pair leggings with a long tunic, under a shorter skirt or with a long sweater dress. They can add warmth and style to outfits. Just be sure you don’t end up wearing them everyday or you may fall victim to the fashion police!

Large Jewelry: Just as we mentioned with the handbag, scale is everything when buying accessories as a plus size lady. You must remember to skip over the tiny and dainty jewelry and head straight to the chunky or larger pieces. If you put a tiny ring on your finger or a thin bracelet on your wrist, your entire hand area will appear much larger than it is. So, be sure to pick pieces which flatter your body and work in proportion.

When shopping for accessories, the most important rule is to remember scale. It’s so important we’ve mentioned it multiple times already! Be sure whatever you choose to use as an accessory is not tiny, as it will instantly add pounds to your visual appearance.

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